Darryl Sharpton

Darryl Sharpton founded Chloe Vine with his wife Jessica after retiring from a 6-year professional football carrer. Darryl sold furniture in college while attending the University of Miami -- initially to earn some extra money but it quickly became an obsession. Darryl intended to continue following his passion for furniture after playing just one season in the NFL, but decided he loved the game too much to quit playing a delayed that dream a few more years. When Darryl finally decided to retire, Jessica encouraged him to attend the High Point Market to get inspiration for his next move. Soon after Chloe Vine was born.

Jessica is a Rice University Graduate and former oil & gas consultant who decided to change careers after their first child was born. She was able to pursue her long-time passion of construction and began a home building business. Although designing custom homes was amazing, she couldn’t help but want to join Darryl in his new venture.

Darryl & Jessica travel around the world to design and manufacture their collection of gorgeous furniture for customers across North America. Together the couple brings a unique dynamic to the furniture industry - their products are manufactured with style, quality and functionality as the top priorities. Their mission is to manufacture chic modern furniture without the typical industry mark-ups.

Darryl & Jessica reside in Houston, TX - where Chloe Vine is based and warehoused. They have two children, Bria and DJ (Dade Jackson)- who drive and inspire them everyday.

Darryl Sharpton

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